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  • Bob L
    Bob L March 13, 2020

    Feels like it’s slipping a little...

    We decided to eat at Barley for my birthday dinner tonight. To put some context around this review, we’ve eaten at Barley close to 20 times going back to their original location on South Lamar.When the decision was made to move north we were

  • KKsTravelsAndTrips
    KKsTravelsAndTrips February 20, 2020

    Delicious. Fresh. Unique.

    We visited Austin for a long weekend, and found many people were enthusiastic in their recommendations for Barley Swine. We found the service to be attentive and well-informed- Bri was kind, helpful, funny, and she really knew her stuff. She was able to answer many

  • WaffleNinja
    WaffleNinja February 19, 2020

    Great dining experience

    The food was great. We sat at the chef's counter, and were able to watch the kitchen staff prepare the dishes--made for an interesting and memorable experience.

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