Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of ThingsTodoPost (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ours”, the “Website”) shows how we gather and process the client’s (“You”, “Your”, “Yours”, “Customer”, “Customers”, “User”, “Users”, “Applicant”, “Applicants”) personal data in association with the usage of our services available at and through the mobile application (collectively “ThingsTodoPost”). Through the use of the services, you accept the processing of your data as described in this Privacy Policy that can be amended at any time at our discretion.

What Information does ThingsTodoPost Collect?

We may gather the users’ personal information for the purpose of improving the quality of our services. Here is the list of confidential information that we can gather:

  1. Profile Information: We gather any information supported by our users while registering for our services. For instance, once you start your account, you specify your name, an email address, phone number, etc. Furthermore, our users can support more information in the shape of a profile picture or a country/city where they live.
  2. Through Means of Direct Communication: We may pick up information during phone calls, through the users' inquiries or personal requests.
  3. User's Activities: Our website can collect information while users are utilizing services: when they make requests, when they open up the search results, when they concentrate their Activities into individual Plans to tell other users/friends or for further usage. When users communicate with each other through our chat system, we gather data only in the scope of the messaging feature. This kind of information cannot be accessible to other parties except the sender and receiver.
  4. User's Locations and Granted Permissions: We can gather data about the users' locations while they are utilizing Services supported by our website. This can be done by activating the device location and/or through the users' phone numbers. Suchlike operations can be initiated in order to reveal information about the local businesses in your surroundings.
    We also can pick up additional information by getting the appropriate permissions designed in your device. Once you want to take a picture for your account, you can grant permission to use your library or camera of the device. You can easily change permission settings whenever you want either through our website or your device settings.
  5. Social Networking Services: You can register your account with us by connecting your social media profile. For instance, through Facebook or Google accounts. As soon as you decide to act so, we can pick up more information from third-party service providers. You can easily monitor information that we can get from social accounts by using the privacy settings incorporated into the features of your account. We consider the information obtained from media providers as described in the Privacy Policy.

How Does ThingsTodoPost Collect and Use Your Personal Data?

We are entitled to make use of the collected information for providing services to our applicants. The following purposes include:

  • Deliver our Services
  • Enhancement of quality by smoothing errors and stabilizing the performance of ThingsTodoPost Services
  • Personify our Services according to the customer's interests
  • Monitor and analyze the utilization of Services
  • Facilitate marketing
  • Communication with clients and customer service
  • Creation of reserve copies in the case of a collapse
  • Strengthen the safeness and protect our customers
  • Act in compliance with laws and applicable regulations

What Types of Personal Data Does ThingsTodoPost Share?

We can share the collected information by the means, such as described below:

  • Basic Information About The User’s Account: We can exchange the following information with other clients of ThingsTodoPost:
    • The user’s name and the profile avatar image
    • Checked in locations available on the user’s profile
  • Third-Party Services: ThingsTodoPost can transfer your information to third parties with reference to the usage of our Services. Third-party providers can access your personal data only to commit their functions in our name, but not for other objectives.
  • Collective Data: We can disclose collective or depersonalized information that cannot be utilized to detect your identity.
  • Information That Customers Share with Unaffiliated Parties. We cannot provide your personal data to unrelated third-party providers (except those that can be found in this document) whose links can be included in our Services. We also do not stand as responsible for the Privacy Policies stipulated by them. Thus, we strongly advise reviewing the applicable regulations while using the services of third-party providers.
  • Referral Services: As soon as you decide to use our referral services and inform your friends about ThingsTodoPost, you need to provide their contact details, and we will send them an invitation message. We do hold information for only one-time communication in order to monitor the productivity of the referral services.

International Users

Personal information provided by our users is a subject to be collected and used in accordance with US laws. Information may be shared with the US government or affiliated agencies as per their legitimate orders. If you live in other countries, the regulation applied in the US may not support the equal guarantees regarding the safety of your data as in the country of your residence. You are providing your approving consent to the above-described transition and processing in the US as soon as you start using our Services.

How We Monitor Your Data?

Accessibility and Updates: Once you are registered on our website, you are entitled to add, change, modify or remove your personal data by simply turning to the Profile section of ThingsTodoPost. We can request verification before granting access or renewing the precise information. We also can reject the users' requests to commit the above-described operations for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, repetitious or illegitimate requests.
Share Your Plans: Plans created by you are in open access only for you, until you share them with your friends/other users. Only you and your friends whom the plan has been shared with can see the data.
Messaging: You are entitled to unfriend other users of ThingsTodoPost and stop receiving messages from them.
How We Secure The User's Data: Unfortunately, no one can guarantee a hundred percent security in today's digital world. However, we periodically practice various types of security models in order to shield confidential data received from our users.

Can Children Use Our Services?

Services available to shop for on our website are for the contingent above 13 years of age. We do not deliberately gather information from youngsters under 13. Once you discover that personal information (shared with us) has been provided by your baby or another child (that is under your guardianship), you need to get in touch with us using the below-mentioned contact details.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We are entitled to amend the Privacy Policy at any time based on our sole decision by providing the updated date of the Privacy Policy. Once we need to make changes concerning the usage of the customers' Personal Data, we will inform them before changes enter into force. Notifications on upcoming changes can be provided whether through our website or mobile application. All users are obliged to comply with the new amendments to the Privacy Policy as soon as they utilize ThingsTodoPost Services after the efficient date.