Top 10 Post-Pandemic Destinations in 2021

Top 10 Post-Pandemic Destinations in 2021

For this list, we are looking at the most exciting destinations worldwide to consider visiting in 2021 after the suffering and pain of this pandemic pass. Picking just ten places is not a small feat, so we are going to provide a good variety of options that attempt to satisfy the desire to keep up with trends while also steering clear of overtourism. Whether you are looking for relaxation, chase breathtaking landscapes, or discover the local culture, we have got you covered.




Lille, France

Paris is among the most popular destinations on earth. It's almost a default inclusion of any travel bucket list, but there are other cities in France. The city of Lille is a city at the northern tip of France, and it's located on the border of Belgium. This once industrial city is a bustling center of culture. Lille is characterized by stunning Flemish and French architecture. Despite its old-world charms, however, Lille is a very much modern city with nightlife, shopping art, and smart city maintenance.

New Zealand

2020 will likely be remembered as the year we spend a lot of time cooped up indoors. So we would only make sense that we do the opposite in 2021. There are few destinations that offer such stunning landscapes and natural splendor as New Zealand. This island nation is pretty far for western travelers, but you will have plenty of opportunities to stretch your cramped legs once you arrive. Those interested in surfing and skiing will have a wide variety of environments, from pristine beaches and lakes to lush forest and breathtaking fjords. While the cutting-edge coffee and craft beer prove that the country knows how to stay on-trend.


Whether you are a photographer or not, the breathtaking landscapes will stay with you for the rest of your life. Lake Bled looks like something out of the fantasy world. Overlooking it built on a cliff is the Medieval Castle Bled, while in the middle of the lake lies a tiny green island adorned with a beautiful church. This is just one small taste of what this country has to offer. As you travel through Slovenia, the architecture is ever-changing but consistently impressive.

Cape Town, South Africa

This city is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa, famous for its stunning atmosphere and candy-colored buildings. Cape Town rightfully named a world design capital in 2014 and continues to prosper in the year since. From restaurants and bars to hotels, there is always a wide variety of creative and unique options to choose from. While the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a great place for shopping in entertainment, no food lover can afford to skip the V&A food market. As if all the culture isn't enough, Table Mountain, which the city is built, is a natural marvel.

Paros, Greece

Would you prefer to visit a quiet spot for your first trip in 2021, then how about the trip to the Greek Islands. The Cyclades is known for its breathtaking natural beauties. Unfortunately, a number of the most popular islands have also developed something of a reputation as party hubs for young travelers and have become painfully overcrowded. In the city of Paros, however, an authentic, unspoiled Greek Island experience awaits. Paros checks all the boxes of what you want to expect from the Cyclades, beautiful sunsets, picture-perfect white-painted buildings with blue accents, and stunningly fresh seafood. Of course, if you are a supporter of active tourism, cliff diving and kitesurfing can inject your stay with some adrenaline. 


This coastal Arab nation in western Asia has much to offer in its own right. The historic architecture is stunning, the dishes are flavorful, and the local people are welcoming. And yet Oman is by no means lost in time, it's got modern sensibilities, and those seeking a luxurious experience can still find it. However, what makes Oman a must-visit country is what it offers in terms of culture and Arabian history.


Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. Dominica is a small island nation that occupies just 290 square miles of land. The Dominican Republic was strongly injured by hurricane Maria in 2017, but since then, it has found itself as a rising star in the world of sustainable tourism. Its rolling green hills are undeniably eye-catching, and the lush rainforest inspires a real sense of adventure. It has been nicknamed the natural island for a good reason. While outdoor adventures have long served as a primary drive, the growing tourism is also bringing a new level of comfort and luxury that was previously missing.

Rijeka, Croatia

Before world travel was broken to a screeching halt in 2020, Croatia was one of the world's hottest destinations. In 2021, we expect the country to pick up right where left off. Unfortunately, like so many popular destinations, Croatia suffers from its popularity. Especially the city of Dubrovnik, which was featured on the HBO series Game of Thrones. Croatia remains a must-visit, but in the name of combating overtourism and prioritizing an authentic experience, we are calling the port city of Rijeka a great alternative to visit in 2021. Rijeka introduces an Austro-Hungarian architecture, and it's surprisingly green considering its industrial history. It's also a city of festivals. In 2020 Rijeka was considered a European Capital of Culture.

Jaisalmer, India

For those seeking authenticity, you cannot get much better than this. Jaisalmer, that until you have seen for yourself, seems could only exist in a storybook. The destination is isolated by the Thar Desert, which provides visitors with plenty of opportunities for adventure. The sand dunes are considered a must-do safari. Jaisalmer is known as the golden city for the yellow sands widely used in its construction. Including its most notable architectural and historical attraction, Jaisalmer Fort. The sandstone shines in a way that makes the structures look like solid gold from afar. Jaisalmer is unique and intoxicating; from the local food and handicrafts to the brilliant starry nights and sunsets, it will leave a lasting impression on you. 

Palermo, Italy 

Palermo, the capital city of the Sicily region, is the best place to enjoy everything in one place, including distinctive architecture, history, culture, and cuisine. You will almost feel in an entirely different country. Of course, apart from all differences, the quality of the food and historical sights in Palermo will remind you that you are very much still in Italy. This beautiful city has countless secrets, and the only way to experience them is to really dive into Palermo's history and rich cultural heritage, allowing them to reveal themselves in their own time.

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