Top 10 Luxurious Restaurants in New York City

Top 10 Luxurious Restaurants in New York City

New York is one of the most densely populated cities in the US. It's famous for many reasons, one of which is tempting and scrumptious American cuisines offered by the restaurants in New York City. Most of them are expensive and are reserved for the elite class only, but some have affordable prices with excellent service.











Bowery Road

The food at Bowery Road is as fresh as it's directly made from the farm ingredients. The three main attractions on Bowery Road: the green market vegetables, decorated cocktails, and Lioni Burrata. It’s located in Manhattan near Union Square. The service at Bowery road is very fine. You can have a nice meal for about $60 without breaking your budget. 

The River Cafe

The River Cafe meets the criteria of luxurious without being too hard on your pocket. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the River Cafe has gained popularity all over the world. Fresh ingredients and beautiful decor await you under the Brooklyn Bridge. You will be provided with the standardized cuisines and breathtaking views of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. The location of River Cafe is quite an attraction. Some of the outstanding American cuisines, such as Wagyu Tartare, Nova Scotia Lobster, and the Crispy Duck Breasts. It’s not expensive and will provide a comfortable and elegant dinner for you. The River Cafe, with its sights and food, will win your heart. For over $75, you can have a nice meal at the River Cafe quite easily.

Per Se

The next one on our list is Per Se. Owned by Thomas Keller, Per Se has the food that will give you a lifelong experience to be remembered. Thomas Keller is the first American-born chef to have such consistently high ratings and reviews. The restaurant has some alluring views to offer, but once you have a plate in front of you, nothing can distract you. A lavish dinner at an exquisite restaurant is why you will get at Per Se. The food at Per Se has a French influence. The menu changes daily. The tasty dishes at Per Se have allowed Thomas Keller to achieve three stars from Michelin. If you get lucky enough to get your slot booked at Per Se, then you will never regret it. Reservations are mandatory at Per Se, which are quite hard to get. On average, you will pay over $300 for your meal at Per Se, which is an expensive deal, but it’s going to be all worth it.

Le Bernardin 


Le Bernardin originated in Paris by two siblings Maguy and Gilbert. Gilbert died in the late 90s, and Maguy was then solely responsible for handling Le Bernardin. Later it moved to New York. Chef Eric Ripert joined Le Bernardin in the 90s. This restaurant is a seafood serving restaurant that is popular for its simplicity. Serving standardized seafood chefs at Le Bernardin used simple techniques to cook. The menu has three submenus: almost row, barely touched, and slightly cooked. Simplicity is the new fancy for Le Bernardin. Over $150 for course serving, $180 for tasting menu, $270 for wine pairings, and $215 for chef’s tasting menu. It’s pretty expensive, but it will definitely satisfy your expectations for a hundred percent.


Kurumazushi is another sushi serving luxurious restaurant in Manhattan. Sushi has become common and gets served almost everywhere around the world, but the flavors that the founder and head chef Toshihiro Uezu provides you at this restaurant, are nowhere to be obtained. In order to have that top-notch sushi served, spending money is a compulsion. Being a traditional Japanese restaurant, it has also employed the omakase tradition. Omakase is a Japanese tradition that gives a chief the liberty to choose your menu himself. In Kurumazushi you may find the most expensive sushi of your life, but it will also be the best one ever. If you have a taste for Japanese food, Kurumazushi is the best place to have lunch.

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Luxurious is the perfect word to define what you are going to experience at Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. It’s really difficult to get a reservation, but on the brighter side, it's totally worth the trouble. The tree-star restaurant will provide you with mixed Japanese and French flavors. The cosine of chef Cesar Ramirez is a star that gets served with simplicity. It’s an eighteen seat restaurant with more than 15 courses on the menu. $306 will cost a meal at Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare restaurant.


Masa is listed among the most expensive restaurants in the world. It's located at the Time Warner Center. Masa is one of the two sushi restaurants in North America that has an omakase tradition. The owner of the restaurant is Masa Takayama. It’s a small but pretty restaurant of 26 seats. The best place to sit in Masa is at the bar where you can watch your food being prepared. Considering the food and service, Masa is totally worth your time and money. Want to taste unbelievable sushi? Masa is here at your service. The meal will cost you probably $600 without tax and beverages.

11 Madison Park

11 Madison Park restaurant located in New York city overlooks Madison Park. This restaurant is an exquisite dining place with excellent food and services awaiting you. It has been located here for quite a long time, but recently went through a renovation. It turned a park into a beautiful and upscale restaurant owned by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. The restaurant has gone for a major evolution over time. It offers a main course in the dining hall comprising eight to ten courses. Your food can be customized to follow the dietary restrictions. 11 Madison Park has won six awards in its lifetime. A typical meal costs more than $290, beverages not included. 


Located in the heart of Manhattan, Daniel is the pillar in New York city’s dining background. The Sensational Daniel restaurant pursues traditional and technical French techniques for its foods. Currently owned by Daniel Boulud, it’s a center of French cuisine in New York City. If you are looking for a reservation at Daniel restaurant, then be ready to get a sophisticated service and wonderful dining experience. In Daniel, there is a seasonal variation in the menu. It will cost you around $230, along with the wine pairing for a complete meal.

Momofuku Ko

You have to be very lucky to get a chance to taste the heavenly meal of Momofuku. This restaurant with popular American cuisine on the menu requires a fifteen to a thirty-day early reservation. You can book your reservation online. Despite the variety and menu, chicken drumsticks are the main reason why this restaurant is so famous. The crispy fried chicken is something you wouldn’t want to miss out. If you are a group of two to four people, then you can sit at the counter to witness the cooking process of your food. Moreover, you can interact with the chefs and the cooking staff. You will never regret spending your money on Momofuku Ko because of the service and the excellence in the dining experience. Normally a meal gets to be about $255.  


If you are in New York in search of quality food, then the restaurants listed above are all you need to know about. All of these restaurants have standard and quality food and show service excellence. Almost all of them require an advance reservation, but once you get your way, the trouble will be totally worth the taste. These luxurious restaurants allow you to have a memorable dinner, and most of them have breathtaking views of New York City to offer.

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