Things To Do In Miami

Things To Do In Miami

Miami is a megacity in Florida's southeastern area. This city has more to offer than pristine coastlines, great nightlife, and perfect weather. When talking about a city as popular as Miami, it's worth knowing more than regular guidelines offer. Today we are exploring the most interesting, vibrant, and exciting areas in and around Miami.






Miami Beach 

Most people have heard about the iconic areas we'll be talking about today. However, understanding how they actually fit together is a different story as many popular areas are districts or neighborhoods with larger but equally well-known ones. Leading position in our top occupies one of the best beaches worldwide, known as Miami Beach. 
Technically, Miami Beach is a city in its own occupying both natural and man-made barrier islands, separated by the city of Miami by Biscayne Bay. Miami Beach actually comprises many areas, districts, and neighborhoods we will be discussing today. This is where many people want to spend most of their time, particularly sun-seekers and those looking for the classic beach vacation.

Art Deco Historic District

This beautiful district is home to 960 historical buildings, making it the highest concentration of structure in the Art Deco style found anywhere in the nation. The South Beach area first experienced a development boom in the 1920s. Nowadays, the distinctive architectural style gives the historic district a vintage feel making the nightlife feel like you are back in time. 

South Beach

Miami Beach can effectively be broken down into three sections: North Beach, Mid Beach, and South Beach. The North Beach is the least touristy skewing more residential. The mid beach is much like its name suggests a transitional point that is nonetheless worth a visit, especially the Faena District. The South beach occupies the southernmost section of Miami Beach, where most visitors will be headed. South beach begins south of Dade Boulevard and is the cultural and nightlife hub of Miami Beach. The streets are packed with restaurants, bars, and retailers, and the area is very pedestrian and bike-friendly. Thus, if you are looking for Miami Beach energy, this is where you'll find it.

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami occupies almost the entire city center, including the entertainment and historic districts and the Government Center. Downtown is a unique blend of old and new, such as Skyscrapers from various decades sharing the same space. It makes for an interesting sky resting and allows the visitors to trace the history and development of the area. Also, be sure to check out Bayfront Park that is perfect for a relaxing stroll day or evening.


Just south of the Central Business separated by the Miami River lies Brickell, one of Miami's busiest, trendiest, and one of the most important neighborhoods. Once upon a time, Brickell was the Millionaire's Row of Miami, home to a wide assortment of opulent mansions in private homes. Over the decades, however, mansions have been replaced with high-rises. It's actually the densely populated and fastest-growing neighborhood in the city, earning the nickname Manhattan of the South. If you have got the cash, stay in one of the luxury hotels or visit destination restaurants like Zuma, Komodo, or Obra Kitchen Table. Shopaholics will definitely want to check out Brickell city center - a veritable shopper's paradise.

Little Havana 

Looking to get away from the beach for a bit, but fine dining, upscale cocktail bars, and modern architecture aren't really your thing, a Little Havana is the answer. Influenced by the Cuban culture, Little Havana has become one of the best places to get good music and food. People from all across Latin America have been drawn to the neighborhood, making the area's cultural offerings notably diverse. This is one of the warmest and most inviting parts of Miami. 

Everglades National Park 

Before continuing our Miami tour, let's take a short trip outside the city to appreciate some of the unique surrounding natural beauty. The Everglades National Park, a protected area of tropical land, is the largest of its kind in the country. Guesting half and one million visitors from everywhere each year. Walk along the Anhinga Trail, climb the observation tower to get a bird' s-eye view of the pristine wilderness. Go out by boat or kayak, possibly spot some of the local wildlife up-close.

Coral Gables

Technically, Coral Gables is its own distinct city with a population of about 50.000 people located just four miles from Miami International Airport; it really feels like a part of Miami. Known as the city of beautiful, Coral Gables lives up to its reputation. What is more important, the city is very pedestrian-friendly, coated with parks and green areas such as Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. 

Coconut Grove

If you are looking for an old neighborhood with a more relaxed vibe, then Coconut Grove is the place where you need to be. If you are a person who likes nighttime party ups, Coconut Grove is what you need to explore. Coconut Grove has been described as an artist village in the jungle. However, the abundance of greenery makes it so that this holds true even against the onslaught of modernity. 

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