The Most Unusual Restaurants Ever

The Most Unusual Restaurants Ever

Nowadays, different kinds of themed restaurants are trying to outdo each other and draw in more diners. Hence, many restaurateurs try to be extremely creative to amaze their customers and stay competitive. Here in our list, we are focusing on the most bizarre dining spots that you can find across the globe.







Cannibalistic Restaurant

The idea of this restaurant is based on the "nyotaimori" principles, when dishes are being served on the body of a naked woman. What’s interesting about this restaurant is that customers do not eat what’s in the body, but rather the body itself. Don’t be scared; the meal is not an actual human body; it’s a collection of food artfully arranged to look as human-like as possible. Red sauce is added for lifelike bleeding, and the internal organs lovingly and accurately reproduced sushi and sashimi. You can choose between a male or female body based on your personal preference.

Disaster Café

It's located in Lloret de Mar in Spain and offers you an exciting experience with simulated earthquakes. The dishes are a lot heavier than usual ones, and all the staff wears construction helmets and safety equipment because your flight can start at some point. The lights go off, the rooms start moving, but your food will not fly off the table (at least it may spill). Visitors are strongly recommended not to wear the best outfit when planning to visit this restaurant. 

Dining in the Dark

This is an extraordinary dining spot in Beijing, China. There are no lights turned on, and dining rooms are constructed to be absolutely black. Incoming visitors are guided to the tables by waiters who are equipped with binoculars for night vision. Flashlights, mobile phones, and smart-watches are not allowed in this restaurant. For this reason, visitors can only smell and taste the food by eating them in the dark. You can simply use your senses to enjoy the food without seeing it at all.

Izakaya Kayabuki

It’s a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy dinner while interacting with real monkey waiters who serve you hot hand towels and entertain you with a lot of activities, including a monkey show. The bar owners didn’t actually teach the monkey how to wait tables; they learn by observing. Periodic inspections held by the Animal Welfare approve the proper living conditions for animals; thus, you have nothing to worry about. Monkeys are allowed to work in the restaurant with a specific time shift so that they don't get stressed. 

Devil Island Prison Restaurant

Initially, Devil Island was constructed as a place of detention to keep prisoners. However, recently it has become one of the most popular restaurants with a prison theme. Metal floors and rusty environment create an absolute sense of a jail. The Devil Island Prison imitates a real prison, so the visitors may be handcuffed and get provided with prison number tags to create a much more realistic picture. Even sometimes the waiters are in prison uniform (black and white striped shirts). 

Underwater Restaurant

One of the most beautiful and unique restaurants is the Ithaa Underwater Resort. The restaurant is located 5 meters underwater off the Conrad Rangali Island and serves contemporary European and Asian cuisine. The restaurant has a capacity of 14 people and is encased in a transparent acrylic roof, offering 270 degrees of panoramic view to its customers.

Dinner in the Sky

This is not a restaurant but a concept. Dining in the skies has had success in many countries around the world. There is a circular form table with 22 seats and places for serving staff: chef, one waiter, and entertainer. However, not everyone will have the stomach to eat a meal while dangling 50 meters above the ground, especially if you are afraid of heights. Be careful not to drop your fork and to use the toilet before, because if you need to go back down on the ground, the whole platform has to go down with you.

Japanese Fast Food Restaurant

Some fast-food restaurants in Japan are using very unusual marketing techniques to attract visitors. In some restaurants, you can see two beautiful girls sitting on the counter, spreading their legs, and splashing their panties. However, the menu is tucked right between their legs, it doesn’t seem very hygienic, but it brings many male customers.

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