The Most Unexplored Destinations Around The World

The Most Unexplored Destinations Around The World

Our planet is an amazing place that never stops surprising its inhabitants with stunning landscapes right off fantasy movies' scenes. From the high top mountains to the deepest canyons and trenches, these are all Mother Nature has gifted us. However, today humankind sacrifices this natural gold just to have wider roads and more space to build stone jungles. We will count down the most utter palaces untouched by the human race, where you can catch a wonderful sense to become one with nature.   





Pitcairn Island

Located more than 3000 miles from New Zealand, Pitcairn Island is considered to be one of the sparsely-populated areas worldwide. Officially, no aircraft has landed in this virgin place. This island is a part of British Overseas Territories that is being governed by the monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II. The best and actually the comfiest way to reach Pitcairn Island is to take a yacht ride. However, it may take more than 30 hours to reach the island, but be sure that it would be worth the cost.

Southern Namib Desert

Located in South Africa, Southern Namib is a coastal desert. According to the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) research, the Namib desert is one of the largely unexplored places on the planet earth. One of the most epic places in the Namib Desert is Sossusvlei, which attracts many travelers by red sand and beautiful landscapes. 

Island of Surtsey

Surtsey Island, located in the West part of Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago, is a result of a volcanic eruption that has begun more than hindered meters below the sea level. Only in relatively recent times, the island has been opened to volcanologists. UNESCO has described the Island of Surtsey as a land free from human hands. Thus, if you are looking for a really untouched spot to visit, the Island of Surtsey is what you can start exploring. 

Hang Sơn Đoòng Cave

Hang Sơn Đoòng Cave is a national landmark of Vietnam. Located in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park it’s regarded to be the biggest natural cave worldwide. CNN reported that the cave was firstly discovered in 1990, but the precise location was lost and was rediscovered only in 2008 by explorers of the British Carving Research Association (BCRA). Hang Sơn Đoòng Cave has been opened for public visits since 2013. 

North Sentinel Island

Situated in the Bay of Bengal, the North Sentinel Island is a part of the Andaman Islands that are virtually untouched up to now. The first time the island was spotted in 2018 when an American missioner was killed during his trip. Even in the 1960s, a documentary film studio visited the island, but there are still too many things that humankind doesn’t know about this mysterious island. 

Vale do Javari

Vale do Javari is a remote village in Amazonia, near the Brazil–Peru border. The village's name came from the river Javari, which actually forms the border of two neighboring countries. This isolated spot has almost no contact with the surrounding world. It was first found due to the video materials recorded by the New York Times. This village is considered to be one of the unique places inhabited by the regional indigenous population. 

Mountains in Gangkar Puensum

Near the Bhutan-Tibet border is the Gangkar Puensum Mountains. Conde Nast Traveler and BBC claimed that Mountains in Gangkar Puensum are the tallest unclimbed peaks on earth. In 1994 the Government of Bethan forbade travelers to climb to the top of Gangkar Puensum Mountains. Lately, the Government decided to close all peaks higher than 19.000 feet for all climbers out of the cultural and spiritual beliefs. 

Devon Island

Devon is an Arctic island covered by permafrost. Conde Nast Traveler stated that since the 1930s, no one had populated this ice-covered island. Today Devon Island is being used by NASA as a polar desert in order to examine equipment before using them on Mars (Devon Island’s climate conditions are pretty similar to the Red Planet).

Palmerston Island

Palmerston Island is a part of the Cook Islands located in the Pacific. This is one of the rarely visited places in the world because of the hard to access location. Almost all islands in the Cook group are connected together with coral reefs. To get to the island, firstly, you need a plane to Tahiti than a boat to the island. BBC report described Palmerston Island as a unique community that is entirely isolated from the rest of the world. 


Antarctica, the fifth-largest continent, is the largest piece of land covered by ice. Firstly, Antarctica was spotted in the 1820s, and only a year later, researchers started to investigate the territory using Antarctic Research Stations because of the extremely harsh weather conditions. Antarctica is deemed to be one of the coldest places on the planet earth. 

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