The Best Vegan-Friendly Cities in 2021

The Best Vegan-Friendly Cities in 2021

The times when people used to believe that a meal without meat is not perfect have already gone. The recognition of healthy food and the value of moral eating are rising all around the globe. Thus, several countries have now started to offer tasty dining options for vegan-friendly food lovers. Today vegans and vegetarians have more than enough options. We are counting down the list of the best cities to visit if you are a vegan or vegetarian.






Singapore, Singapore 

Due to the popularity of veganism, Singapore has raised itself to be the ideal place for vegans. Many areas, such as East Coast Road, Race Course Road, and Keong Saik Road, offer fabulous vegan fare with freshness and authenticity. Some of the most famous dishes served in the restaurants include organic Ciabatta Bun smothered with savory Satay sauce and stuffed with grilled soy patties. Another western vegetarian restaurant is Cafe Salivation, located on Race Course Road, serving tasty vegan burgers and pizzas. Here are some vegan-friendly restaurants in Singapore where you may opt for the best vegan foods: Whole Earth, Blue Bistro SG Cafe, VeganBurg

Chiang Mai, Thailand    

If you are looking for Southeast Asian dishes and cheap tallies, then Chiang Mai is the city you should visit. Chiang Mai is the right fit for you if you are a vegetarian as it offers many eating options. The authentic and popular vegan food delicacies are located at Wualai Road, Bumrungrad Road, Moon Muang Road, and Nimmanhaemin Road. The must-try dishes of this place include egg noodles with grilled veggies, chili paste, and banana flour salad. Check out some of the best vegan-friendly dining spots in Chiang Mai: Terraces, Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, and Vegan Heaven

Taipei, Taiwan 

This beautiful city is well-known not only for its throbbing markets and temples but also for delicious vegan food. Some of the popular and exciting food varieties include black Sesame tofu, Udon noodles, and an array of rice-based dishes. This city addresses almost every concern of vegan travelers. Don't forget to taste waffles made from rolled oats and almond milk and paninis made from veggies. In addition, you can explore family-owned small-scale shops selling vegan cuisine, such as Miacucina (My kitchen), Yu-Shan Ge, Sufood.

Telaviv, Israel

Israel is another vegan-friendly destination and a favorite holiday spot where vegans can have various cuisines made from a hundred percent natural and organic ingredients. You can find vegan eateries around Dizengoff Street, King George, and Florentin. From kebabs, sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers, you can choose your favorites. They are all prepared from mushrooms, soy, and other organic ingredients. Don't miss your chance to have mouth-watering shawarmas made from lip-smacking stews and seitan. Here are the best vegan-friendly cafes in Telaviv that are worth dining in: Rainbow, Seeds and National Raw Food Diner.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin comprises many vegan-friendly restaurants, bars, and cafes that offer gluten-free yet tasty vegan food. Head to Neukölln or Helmholtzplatz to explore the best bio-products. If you are looking for a healthy meal, you may have smoothies, gluten-free bread, a platter of salad, and steaming cups of soup. Besides this, they also offer products made from plant milk, juice, and green salad. Sfizy Veg, Brammibal's Donuts and Barkett, are among the best places to try vegan-friendly foods in the capital of Germany. 

Glasgow, Scotland 

Scotland has been declared the most vegan-friendly place in the UK. Specifically, Glasgow is a wonderful destination for planning your trip. The great music, quirky interiors, and delicious menu light up Glasgow's all-vegan restaurants and pubs. This city is awash with fabulous dining spots such as Stereo, Picnic, and The Flying Duck. 

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