The Best Party Cities Around the World

The Best Party Cities Around the World

Today we are going to explore the world's best party cities with the most happening nightlife. Usually, people use nightlife as a way to shrug off the burden of a job and sometimes the responsibility of being an adult.

Here we have a list of top ten party cities that have become iconic destinations for entertainment and exciting nightlife. If you are one of those who cannot imagine his life without parties, welcome to explore new places that attract so many travelers around the globe.  





Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

Brazilian Carnival is the most iconic party held in Latin America every year before the Great Lent. It takes place in Rio de Janeiro and flocks together millions of people around the world. If you are a clubby person who likes big parties and don’t mind massive crowds, the Brazilian Carnival is what you need to participate in. Want to dance the samba all night long? A great variety of clubs are waiting for you.  Beautiful girls with extraordinary costumes, a hot atmosphere, and a lot of fun, these are what you can expect during the Brazilian Carnival. On the other hand, if you look for something relaxing, the conventional nightclub experience can be a good choice to have a party at your own peace. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Actually, nowhere parties go as hard as in Bangkok. Different types of clubs, lounges, and bars are available to find in the capital of Thailand. Want to find a cozy place to dance, Khaosan Road is the destination to party on the cheap. But if you prefer hit places to rest, Railay Beach or Koh Phi Phi can be a perfect option for relaxing. Don’t forget to taste some Thai food, which you can get from street food hackers, and keep in mind the golden rule: eat where locals usually eat.  

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most desirable destinations for party travelers. Despite the audible pushback against tourism in Spain, it still remains one of the epic cities to have a party. However, there are some unwritten rules for parties in a respectful manner. You always need to remember that you might be there for a party, but locals live there, and you have to respect them. Start your insane night off in La Ramblas and find a lot of fun wherever you want in the nightlife of Barcelona. Looking for live music? Get your ticket and go for popular festivals such as Primavera Sound or Tomorrowland. 

Beirut, Lebanon

Military conflicts may hold you back from traveling to the Middle East, but Lebanon is actually a safe place to visit. Now you may be wondering how the country that is composed of mostly Muslims can party so hard. Rooftop bars, nightclubs, and hospitable people, these are why you need to visit Beirut. Your night of partying cannot be complete without meeting new people and having made new friends. Go for fun, especially in Gemmayzeh Street, but if you don’t drink and want to find something iconic, go for Shisha and find more about Middle Eastern culture. 

Berlin, Germany

Actually, this is the destination that requires no introduction to understand what Berlin is.  This is a place where you can find collectivity of European culture, architecture, historical landmarks, and of course, modern entertainments. You may give a start to your party by sampling the best beers and continue to find yourself dancing at a techno club. Travelers usually describe Berlin as a city that likes having fun and never judges. The nightlife of Berlin is pretty similar to another European city – Prague. Thus, if you have ever been to Prague, you might know a bit about the European style of partying.

Miami, USA

Sunny beaches and distinctive culture influenced by the Latin American vibe make this city one of the best party cities worldwide. Expensive and delicious drinks, live music, and luxury life make this city a collectivity of high-end experience, especially for those who have no problem with spending money. Apart from party spots, there are too many destinations in Maim that may attract curious travelers. Everglades National Park is one of the coolest places to visit, once you are fed up with noisy parties and massive crowds. 

Telavi, Israel

Israel, especially Jerusalem, is mostly known as a religious spot, but only a few know about party city Telavi. First things first, Telavi is a high-cost living city, but you will never get the same experience anywhere else. The nightlife of Telavi is mainly a cosmopolitan one as you can literally come across people all around the globe. Don’t forget to taste traditional Israeli dishes such as falafel, hummus, or couscous. Start your day with something delicious, and only after start exploring trendy pubs and bars to get a drink. 

Seoul, South Korea

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is not only one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, but one of the exciting destinations to party. Along with audible references for tradition and history, this city shows steady progress in fashion, music, and lifestyle. You may find a lot of karaoke clubs in Seoul, traditionally known as “noraebang.” Don’t forget about traditional dishes and beverages. Try their vodka, called Soju, and hang out like a Korean teenager. 

New York City, USA

Once Miami is not enough to feel the comfort of the American party style, you are welcome to New York City or, as Americans call it, Big Apple. Trendy bars and clubs are almost everywhere in New York; thus, if you want to bail out, you are never short on upscale options. Believe us, night in New York critically differs from what you can see during the daytime. 

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