Is COVID-19 on the Menu Today?

Is COVID-19 on the Menu Today?

As we know, many restaurants and bars resume their operations in the US after being suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite strict requirements imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk of COVID-19 spread still remains high. 

There are two primary public health measures that theoretically will lower the risk: 1) wearing a face mask and 2) maintaining social distance. Wearing a mask when you eat or drink something sounds wild, but the social distancing is a must. So what you need to consider reducing the risk of Coronavirus. Here are some important measures that you should consider first.

Essential Note: When you plan to go out to eat, CDC suggests not only calling to confirm the reservation, but to make sure that COVID-19 safety measures are being followed.

The Restaurant Tables Spacing

First things first, you need to ascertain whether the restaurant follows the social distancing requirements. According to the CDC, seating capacities for outdoor dining must be spaced at least 6 feet apart (1.8 meters). Restaurants and bars must follow the state and local health orders, but the use of CDC health measures may differ, as owners are allowed to make adjustments based on the community needs.

Keep in mind, the closer the distance, the greater the risk of being exposed to the COVID-19.

Is it Enough for Savers to Wear a Mask?

Wearing a mask provides an additional layer of protection between customers and restaurant servers; however, no one can claim that it’s enough to stop the spread of the virus disease. Comparatively recently, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has officially stated that wearing only a mask is not a sufficient measure; people have to keep a social distance minimum 3 feet or as further as it's possible.

Poor Airflow in Restaurants

If you are choosing an indoor dinging, good airflow is that you need to look out for. A powerful air conditioner is not what you can count on as it may only keep a stuffy room cool. Even research shows that air conditioners may blow virus particles farther than they can practically go. That's why many experts recommend adding more distance between tables and have a reliable ventilation system to prevent the spread of infection. Thus, you need to give up on the idea of indoor dining and choose a place with an open air space.

Avoid Crowds

In spite of separating the dining table from each other, restaurants and bars need to motivate people to keep a social distance while waiting in queues or crowding near to bars or other parts of the restaurant. It's meaningless to dine separately but take social distancing unimportant while crowding throughout the restaurant.

Pick a Better Time

Making a dinner reservation at seven o'clock when you expect a lot of people to be there might increase the risk of being exposed to the virus. You can act wiser and choose the time when you expect to see fewer customers, so you can dine with your family or friends who you are socialite distancing with.

Guiding Principles

Nowadays, the risk of COVID-19 spread is still real, and you need to be double conscious with long interactions. CDC offers guiding principles to eliminate the risk of virus spread. Check them out and bear in mind that eating out may always wait.

The lowest risk: The restaurant offers only delivery, curbside pickup, drive-through.

Moderate risk: Outdoor dining, according to the social distancing rules.

High risk: Indoor and outdoor dining as per the “six feet apart” guide.

The highest risk: Both indoor and outdoor dining without maintaining compulsory requirements applied by the CDC. 

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