Foods That Are Banned In The US

Foods That Are Banned In The US

When it comes to gastronomy, America is pretty lucky. There are too many food and drink options available in the US, and you don't even have to reside in a major megapolis to try them out. However, despite that abundance, there are many “delicacies” that are not available in the US because of Uncle Sam's bans. Let's have a look at what you definitely cannot eat if you are living or visiting the USA.






Just saying the word Haggis doesn't bring great excitement to your taste buds. You might be wondering what can be inside Haggis that bans it from being imported. Haggis contains sheep lung, minced heart, and some liver. America has banned it because of phlegm and stomach acid that may enter into sheep lungs when it's being butchered. It's said to taste with mashed turnip or mashed potatoes teamed up with a bit of Scotch whisky.

Raw Milk

Raw milk is unpasteurized milk, meaning it's still full of bacteria. If you drink raw milk, you run the risk of serious illness, hospitalization, or even death. Some of the germs that may be found in raw milk include Brucella, Campylobacter, Listeria, and Salmonella. The sale of raw milk is banned in dozens of states, although some states allow the sale of very small amounts.


Whether you like taking risks when it comes to food and want to try Fugu, you would better leave America and head to Japan. One bite of poorly prepared Fugu can send you into an early grave. Fugu is a Japanese pufferfish that can cause paralysis after a single bite. Chefs must have between three and four years of Fugu preparation training before they are allowed to prepare the dish for restaurants. The fish has high amounts of neurotoxins from eating poisonous snails and sea creatures. Around fifty people a year become very ill from eating bad-prepared Fugu.

Kinder Surprise Egg

This one may not come as much of a surprise because if you have eaten a Kinder Joy before, you know there are tiny hidden toys inside. The US has banned the sale of these sweet treats as they pose a choking hazard. Even importing them into the country may cause you some trouble.

Casu Martzu

Considered a delicacy in countries like Sardinia, this creamy cheese is banned in America because of how it's made. It's a creamy sheep milk cheese that contains live insect larva. Fly larvae are placed into the cheese to speed up the fermentation process and break down the cheese fat. It said that this cheese is safe to eat when the maggots are alive. It is served thinly sliced on Sardinian flatbread. However, if you are in America, it's not served at all.

Pig's Blood Cake

This traditional Taiwanese dish made of pork blood and sticky rice is banned in the USA. At first glance, it looks like a cake pop with a delicious chocolate filling but one bite, and you will definitely regret it. The mixture of pig blood and stick rice crates a gelatinous texture like Korean rice cakes or Japanese Mochi. The block is dipped in a pork soy broth, rolled in peanut flour, and topped with cilantro. These may not be available in America, so you need to make a special trip to Taiwan.


Bushmeat is non-domesticated mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds hunted and eaten for food. The US Fish and Wildlife Service doesn't allow bushmeat into the country. The selling, importation, and consumption of bushmeat are banned in the US. However, despite the ban, the illegal bushmeat trade is still alive. Only between 2009 and 2013, about seventy thousand items were confiscated. Not only is it illegal, but also bushmeat can be dangerous and contain Ebola and HIV. 

Shark Fins

Considered a delicacy in China, shark fins are a definite NO in America. Overfishing has caused a frightening decrease in the shark population worldwide, and America has banned shark fines for human consumption. The method of getting the fins is quite horrendous.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have been on the endangered list for a long time, and the US has banned their importation or exportation. In central America and Asia, sea turtles are still considered a food source, and their eggs are considered an aphrodisiac in some countries. It's a great cause to support but to add another reason to steer away sea turtles is that they carry several chemicals such as toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants.

Bird's Nest Soup

This Chinese delicacy is a soup made from the bird Saliva from the Southeast Asian caves. They build their nests using their spit, and it's very risky to retrieve these nests. Many people have died during the harvesting process. The cost can be thousands of dollars per pound. However, it contains harmful bacteria and can make people very sick. It's not allowed in the USA, so save up and head to China if you like exotic cuisine.

Beluga Caviar

This is the most expensive caviar you can purchase. It ranges from seven thousand to ten thousand dollars per kilogram. The caviar comes from wild beluga sturgeon, and it became so popular that it caused the population of beluga sturgeon to decline rapidly. You cannot be able to import caviar into the US since 2005. 

Foie Gras

It's not banned across the entire US, but currently, it's illegal in California. To get a duck or goose ready to deliver on the Foie Gras, they are force-fed through tubes to make their liver larger, which is a very inhumane process known as “gavage”. Some countries produce Foie Gras naturally, but it takes longer and is more costly.

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