Fast-Food Restaurants We Want in America

Fast-Food Restaurants We Want in America

America is the homeland of freedom, democracy, and of course, fast-food. In recent decades the fast-food market has been changed a lot, but it's still as popular as it's ever been. 

In America, classic fast-food is usually associated with McDonald's or Burger King. However, there is another world of fast-food restaurants across the globe that prefer to stay local. Here are some of the top-ranked fast-food restaurants that we wish to have in America. 






Harry Ramsden’s (UK)

Fish & Chips, or French Fries (American English), is a traditional dish from the United Kingdom built on a fast-food culture. Although Fish & Chips has already become a part of American fare, it's still quite challenging to find some good Fish & Chips at fast-food restaurants. 

Check out one of the oldest fast-food restaurants established in the UK to find the best Fish & Chips and assorted themed dishes. Established in 1928, this restaurant has been serving Fish & Chips for more than 90 years. Today it has 35 franchise outlets across the UK and Northern Ireland. This restaurant indeed became a flag-bearer for Fish & Chip's traditions and history. In the 1960s, Harry Ramsden's started franchising globally and expanded to places like Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Australia. Hopefully, one day Harry Ramsden’s may bless fast food lovers with their presence in the US market. 

FEBO (The Netherlands)

FEBO is a fast food restaurant based in the Netherlands, mainly featuring an automatic serving concept. You can purchase pretty much anything from French Fries and burgers to roasted chicken. The McDonald's self-service shop is quite close to what FEBO offers, but the Dutch fast-food chain has gone a step ahead due to its modern automatic type. Dutch traditional delicacies such as rockets, frikadeller, and kaassoufflé are also available at these quick-service restaurants. It's quite surprising, but there is no human interaction whatsoever. Thus, if you don't feel like interacting with people, FEBO is a perfect alternative to classic fast-food spots. With more than 60 shops in the Netherlands, FEBO is an ideal concept of a walk-up fast food restaurant.

Chicken Treat (Australia) 

Whether rotissrie-roasted or fried, chicken dinner is always a good idea for every hungry belly. In Australia, the fast-food chain Chicken Treat is a perfect spot to try traditional Australian chicken seasoned with herbal treatments. The first restaurant was opened in 1976, but today there are more than 60 outlets all over Australia. Get some fantastic variety of burgers, sides, and wraps along with the incredible chicken. Also, don't miss a chance to get some garlic bread on the side.  

MOS Burger (Japan) 

A burger always makes for a great to-go meal, but if you look for something extraordinary but still a burger, MOS Burger is a perfect spot. Initially, MOS Burger was a hamburger chain (fused with American fare) offering Japanese comfort food. The restaurant first started in the 1970s and quickly turned into a national franchise with more than 1300 fast-food outlets in Japan and over 350 overseas. The MOS Burger is widely known for its signature burger made of rice patties instead of traditional buns. Their burgers feature custom sauces and fresh toppings such as crispy lettuce, savory patties, and Momotaro tomatoes. We definitely need this restaurant in the US food market to experience some unconventional cuisine. 

Abrakebabra (Ireland)

It's not a kind of magic word, it's just the name of an Irish fast-food restaurant based in Dublin. Specialized especially in meat products, Abrakebabra offers a large variety of Doner kebabs, chicken shawarmas, falafel, and grilled pulled pork. As of 2020, Abrakebabra has more than 30 local stores in Northern Ireland, 11 of which only in Dublin. One of the most notable features of this fast-food restaurant is a Gold Card, also referred to as a Donor Card that allows you to have free of charge food for life. However, to get such a card, you need to be a public figure who loves and kind of publicizes their brand. Be enthusiastic to publicly express your love to get free food and hopefully have a franchise in our continent. You may find halal food in some Abrakebabra outlets, plus a vegetarian-friendly fare which is considered halal by default. 

Nordsee (Germany)

If you are a fish lover, this next restaurant might be of high interest to you. Nordsee is one of the oldest fast-food restaurants on the planet, but it's also the one specializing in seafood. Established in Bremen, Germany, in 1986, it has been expanded all across Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. Hopefully,  one day in America as well. Initially, the restaurant started as a fish supply shop and quickly grew into a chain restaurant business featuring a seafood menu. With more than 400 locations, Nordsee has become an icon of freshness, as about 85% percent of their menu is made up of fresh seafood. Today Nordsee is one of the biggest fast-food chains in Europe, serving up fresh seafood and meals prepared from seafood such as salads, sandwiches, soups, etc.

Fairwood (Hong Kong)

If you are looking for Italian pizza, fresh seafood, or traditional Chinese ramen at one place, Fairwood is what you need to consider visiting. Fairwood is one of the largest fast-food restaurants in Hong Kong, featuring Chinese and traditional Western cuisine. Despite being a pretty young trademark (established in 1972), Fairwood has more than 140 fast-food outlets in Hong Kong and 13 in Mainland China. When traveling in China, opt for visiting Hong Long. This is a city of contrast, a mix of traditional and modern, Chinese and Western. It would be wonderful to see Fairwood in the US next to American restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King. 

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