Best Steakhouses in Los Angeles

Best Steakhouses in Los Angeles

Steak is one of those American foods that you must absolutely try unless, of course, you are a vegetarian. But the problem is the price, so we cannot eat it that often, but it can be a great experience whenever you do get a chance to try it.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or maybe you are traveling to LA, you are wondering what are the best steakhouses that you can find in Los Angeles.

LA has some really great steak places, and in this episode, we are going to help you find these places so that you can have a rocking time there. Please keep in mind these places are not cheepy whatsoever; these restaurants are pretty pricey because all great steak restaurants are on the expensive side.



Alexander's Steakhouse

This is a steakhouse that came from North Carolina to Pasadena and has immediately become one of the raves of town. It's definitely the best steak you will find in Pasadena. Alexander’s has an amazing selection of appetizers and cocktails, but what folks like most about this restaurant is the Wagyu Beef selection. If you are in Pasadena and are looking for a great dining experience, then Alexander's is the place to go.


APL is a fairly new steakhouse in the heart of Hollywood, offering some of the most innovative meat that you can find in the town. Their specialty is the dry-aged and wet-aged steaks. They got everything from Short Rib Steak to New York Strip to huge Tomahawk Steak. So if you are walking around Hollywood and want your beef fix, then APL is a must-try.


With locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, Boa steakhouse has been consistently popular for many years in LA. They have pretty good dishes here, including their famous seafood platter, but we go here for steaks, right. So whether you go with the cheapest option like a 40-day New York Strip or the American Wagyu Ribeye, you will leave here satisfied.

Carlito’s Gardel  

This is the only Argentine steakhouse that makes this list, but one of the many great Argentinian meat restaurants in LA. Located in West Hollywood, Carlito’s Gardel is a Michelin-starred restaurant. Their Angus Beef cut is the star of the show here. We would recommend the Entrana, which is the most popular skirt steak dish, and their Bife De Lomo is for Filet Mignon lovers. If you have never tried Argentinian steak before in an Argentine restaurant, then go here for the best first impression.

Chi Spacca

Located in Hancock park south of Hollywood, Chi Spacca is a part of Mozza restaurant owned by famous chef Nancy Silverton. The insight is pretty small, but it's very exciting. The best place to sit is at the bar where we can watch the chef grilling the meats over their special wood-fired grill, but it can get pretty smoky up there. When you are here, get the Bone-in Ribeye or their dry-aged steaks.


This is one of the very best steakhouses in Beverly Hills owned by famous chef Wolfgang Puck. It's a contemporary and minimalist looking steakhouse. One of the best dishes in this restaurant is Bone-in Ribeye, but if you can go for it, try their Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, which is the top here. The CUT steakhouse is a can't miss this place in Beverly Hills.


This is another fairly new steakhouse famous in Hollywood. It's kind of similar to Chi Spacca in cooking methods of the steak. They are known for the five fork menu in dinner, which has a little bit of everything. But regardless, they get awesome pieces of steaks. The New York Strip here is amazing, and if you are willing to go further, order a $240 Bone-in Ribeye aged for 80 days.


This is a steakhouse in Beverly Hills that is very well-known to many people in Los Angeles. They have consistently offered delicious steaks in a romantic and a high-class environment. They have a wide variety of sushi and raw fish selections here, but go for the steaks. Get the Bone-in Filet steak, get their New York Strip, which is also pretty good. In fact, you cannot go wrong with any of the meats here.

Nick & Stef's

Downtown Los Angeles is known for many great restaurants, and Nick & Stef's should not be missed out on the view of meat lovers. Beautiful decor and dry-aged meat fridge with an open display complete the picture of an ideal American style steakhouse. They offer Ribeye steak perfectly crispy on top and juicy inside. Their Tomahawk steak is also very epic. Go here if you are in downtown LA; you definitely won't regret it.


There are many American steakhouses in LA, so Taylor's easily takes the cake as the best of the bunch. It's a very old restaurant in an old school style, almost like something out of a “mob” restaurant. Anyways, this restaurant is good because it's one of the more affordable steakhouses in LA where you can get great cuts, like Prime Sirloin Steak and New York strip for under $40.  So if you are in K-Town and want to taste a juicy piece of meat, steaks at Taylor's restaurant is what you need to give a try. 

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