America-Based Restaurants With Halal Offerings

America-Based Restaurants With Halal Offerings

The word halal literally means permissible or lawful, and it applies to all aspects of life, not just-food. However, what does halal mean when we consider the aspect of food?

First of all, halal food means food that Muslims can eat. This doesn’t only pertain to meat. For example, rice, bread, or milk, and a bunch of other foods are halal but consuming alcohol or any pork products that may include gelatin in the ingredients all the way to bacon ham or pepperoni. However, when it comes to a meal like chicken, turkey, beef, lambs, etc., there is a certain way of papering that makes it halal for Muslims to eat. This mainly involves how it's raised all the way to how it's killed.

Influenced by a Muslim diaspora, the US halal food market has fixed a steady increase since 2010 when halal food become a $20 billion industry. Today we are here to introduce top dining spots to taste halal food in America.  

Hills of Heart

Hills of Heart is an Afghani restaurant that offers one of the best Halal meals across America. This eatery takes pride in making home-cooked meals from the highest quality ingredients. If you look for delicious and freshly made food influenced by traditional Afghani cuisine, then Hills of Heart is a must-visit spot. Their menu features dishes made out of halal meat, such as kebabs and steaks, chicken dopiaza, and ashak & mantu dumplings. In this flavor paradise, don't miss out on their takeaway chai made out of tea, milk, and traditional Afghani herbs.

AB’s Amazing Ribs

Officially AB’s Amazing Ribs, also known as Ali B, is the only halal BBQ eatery in the state of Michigan that offers traditional Texas-style meats and halal wagyu beef burgers. Initially, AB’s Amazing Ribs was a small garage with an accent on a signature sauce made from scratch. Unlike many restaurants that offer ribs once a week, AB’s Amazing Ribs included it on the everyday menu. Give a try to beef ribs with horseradish infused white sauce and come up with unforgettable feelings. Menu highlights include fish & chips, candy chicken wings, black beef ribs, etc.

Yemen Cafe      


Yemen Cafe, located in Brooklyn, New York, is one of the iconic places to find halal food. Start your food adventure with traditional chai and go ahead to taste some sops before turning to main dishes made from lamb meat. At Yemen Cafe, you may get a huge piece of lamb cooked in traditional mandi cooking style. If you are looking for an authentic experience, try a traditional stew with a handful of vegetables and shredded lamb. This is one of the favorite dishes for Yemenis; that's why it's available to order every day of the year.

Kabob Palace

Kabob Palace, mainly featuring kabob, is a traditional Pakistani food in Richmond, Virginia. This is a real dream for meat lovers and vegetarians. Choose your preferred food made either from lamb, chicken, or beef. Don’t miss out on lamb chops served with pita bread and vegetable specials. The prices on their menu are pretty humanistic, on average $5 per entree.


Bebop is a mix of Korean and Mexican cooking traditions that combines both Eastern and Western flavors to create irresistible menu items. It's pretty surprising, but this restaurant offers a halal food experience without being a bearer of cultural traditions. If you have ever been to California, you are more likely to be familiar with Korean-Mexican cuisine. But aside from traditional Mexican food like tacos or burritos, Bebop offers mind-blowing collaborations. Take a signature GOGI Burger that includes Korean Beef Bulgogi, eggs, and halal turkey bacon to baffle your taste buds and discover new flavors.


Coromandel is the first Indian restaurant in Darien, Connecticut, that offers halal dishes. Jose Pullopilly, the restaurant owner, transitioned to offering halal food as a mark of respect for his Muslim workers. Do yourself a favor and try their Hariyali Machli and Grilled Halibut to understand how homemade food really tastes. 

If you live in Connecticut or you are a tourist looking for a halal foodie experience, this Indian-influenced bistro may be your best choice dine-in. Fresh and comfort food made from halal ingredients is what may worth your trip to Connecticut.

The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys began as a food truck on the southern corners of New York City. However, today it’s one of the fastest-growing international food chains worldwide with locations in America, Europe, and Asia. Their menu features gyros, chicken, and of course, legendary falafel that made them so famous. If you are in New York, try not to miss them out, visit the crossroad of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan and get comfort halal food on the spot.

Al Tazaj

Al Tazaj is a traditional Arabic restaurant firstly opened in Islam’s holiest city – Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Initially, the restaurant specialized in chicken barbeque dishes, but today there are too many varieties on their menu. Al Tazaj, with more than 100 restaurants only in the Middle East, is one of the biggest fast-food chains that serves halal food worldwide. The first restaurant in the US was founded in 1996 in a westernized option and brand name of TAZA in Chicago, Illinois.


Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Tagine offers halal based traditional Moroccan food. This is the only restaurant in Los Angeles that serves Moroccan influenced menu featuring old and modern recipes of Eastern fare. Looking for a place to feel warm and satisfied? Tagine is the best spot to taste halal food made with love.

Paprika Halal Restaurant

Paprika offers halal food along with traditional American cuisine. The menu features homemade dishes, such as Salmon Entree, Sweet potato cheesecake, crab balls, quesadilla, Caesar Salad, etc. Once you are in the state of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, do yourself a favor and taste out some comfort food at the Paprika Halal Restaurant.  

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