The Best Travel Apps for 2021

The Best Travel Apps for 2021

Whether you are looking for cheap flights, tasty food, or comfortable accommodation in a convenient location, there is an app for you. We have had a close look at the plethora of travel-related apps and have made up the top ten must-download apps. So if you plan a trip in 2021, these apps are available to help you organize your getaway. It doesn't matter if you are an IOS or Android user; apps are available on both platforms.






Worried about getting trapped in heavy traffic? Download this navigating app on your phone, it can save you. Waze is an app where you input the starting point and your final destination and then see whether it will be good to hit the road or consider rescheduling. This app will show you the road's real-time traffic, such as accidents you may encounter, traffic enforcement cameras, and other important things to keep you well-informed. Once you are about to hit an area with a traffic jam, you will automatically be rerouted to alternative pathways. It also features alerts about cheap gas stations and can tell your estimated arrival time or ETA on your final stop.



You may be able to rent cheap accommodations, but what if you can find lodging where you do not have to pay at all. This magnificent app connects you with local residents who will let you know if they have a free room in their home to stay. Staying with locals will also allow you to discover and learn about the lifestyle of the people and that nation.



What if you forgot to check your destination's weather conditions and end up postponing because of sudden weather change? To prevent a frustrating hassle after you decide where to go, you need to consider 1) the date of your trip, 2) see the weather forecast, 3) research the destination, and 4) determine the best time to go there. You can do all this with the app AccuWeather.



Planning a getaway, you have to decide on what country or town you will be heading to. After picking your destination, searching for an ideal lodging is next in line. To help you look for highly recommended accommodations, try downloading Airbnb on your device. This app will help you find the kind of lodging you prefer to choose. You may even find the most untouched and unexplored places using this incredible application. The app features a stunning range of over 34,000 cities across the world.



You can use this app to spot the lowest price guaranteed international flights. This exciting app lets users see the presentation of data and predictive algorithms relative to air travel. Hopper mainly highlights the airline prices to predict the period when the flight ticket will be at the lowest price. Plus, the time when the price will go back to its original price. It’s convenient not only to help its users to catch affordable tickets but also to let them know the perfect time to purchase for a specific destination.



TripAdvisor is a great app to have during your trip as it can guide you where to go based on real visitors' recommendations. If you search for hotels, restaurants, and alluring heavens to see, you can always browse for them on this app. You may even contact a certain place if you might want to book a slot. It also has handy features like "near me now", where you can learn what landmarks surround you, plus it can give you an idea of where to go next.


ICE (In Case of Emergency)

Health emergencies are unpredictable. They can bother your trip at the most unexpected moment when you don't have the medical record documents with you. Unlike your fun, taking advantage of modern technologies can greatly benefit and help you when you are suffering in a medical emergency. ICE is an exclusive app appointed for medical purposes. In this app, users can summarize all necessary medical information, including blood type, illness history, and other relevant medical data. Being well-prepared is a must as it can save not only your trip but also your life.


XE Currency

Having a foreign country as your destination, you need to ensure that you have the right currencies on hand. One thing to keep in mind about exchanging currencies is to monitor the rates and make a point to get higher rates when you exchange your dollars for local currencies.

To make it easier, download the XE Currency app so you can monitor the status of rates deepening on the country you are visiting. The recent currencies you searched when you were connected to the internet are automatically saved. So if you have no connection, you can still access it on the app.


Mobile Passport

The Mobile Passport app is an exclusive United States custom and border protection-approved mobile app that saves you as travelers from lining up in long queues with immigration. It helps speed up the process, it’s convenient and user-friendly. Users with US and Canadian passports can take advantage of this impressive app. Just don’t forget to bring your passport as the app is a replacement for it. The stamping of arrival or departure will still be on your biometric passport, not on your phone.



MyTSA is the official app for the transportation security administration. The app's sole purpose is to help travelers be informed on how long they will probably spend waiting for the airport's security point. MyTSA can also advise you on what to bring on the plane so you can pack well before you hit the road to the airport. The app can also offer its users real-time assistance and check out info about the TSA PreCheck program.

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